Several of his books have been reproduced in whole on Everything2, since they're now public-domain:

More to come...

The full texts of the first five of Burroughs' Mars novels are available at Project Gutenberg's web site (

  1. A Princess of Mars
  2. The Gods of Mars
  3. Warlord of Mars
  4. Thuvia, Maid of Mars
  5. The Chessmen of Mars eighteen other bundles of high-octane chivalric Edwardian 1 pulp goodness from the master, including a number of Pellucidar and Tarzan novels. As your attorney, I advise you to download all of them and read them now. This instant. Waste no time! You're not getting any younger!

According to Amazon, all or most of the Mars novels are still available in the Del Rey editions with wonderful cover art which is not to be missed; these are the covers which Robert A. Heinlein admires in The Number of the Beast. The tiny little pictures at don't do them justice. The marble pillars on A Princess of Mars almost rival Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema's groovier excesses (and yes, I happen to think that's a compliment). No joke, it's the best paperback cover art I've ever set eyes on. Stunning, and perfectly matched to the books themselves.

1 E.R.B. wouldn't hesitate to put three adjectives in a row. In fact, he'd probably consider me a lily-livered coward for stopping so soon.

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