One of those utterly amazing science fiction novels that I read when I was 12. Written by Edgar Rice Burroughs around 1914 (if I remember correctly), At the Earth's Core is a wonderful adventure tale about a scientist and his apprentice, who drill down to the Earth's core and discover that it's hollow, and there's an entire undiscovered primitive world there.

Thanks to the wonder that is Everything2, and to the 50-year limitation on copyright after which works become public-domain, here is the complete text of Edgar Rice Burroughs' At the Earth's Core (courtesy of Project Gutenberg):


  1. Prologue
  2. Chapter 1: Toward the Eternal Fires
  3. Chapter 2: A Strange World
  4. Chapter 3: A Change of Masters
  5. Chapter 4: Dian the Beautiful
  6. Chapter 5: Slaves
  7. Chapter 6: The Beginning of Horror
  8. Chapter 7: Freedom
  9. Chapter 8: The Mahar Temple
  10. Chapter 9: The Face of Death
  11. Chapter 10: Phutra Again
  12. Chapter 11: Four Dead Mahars
  13. Chapter 12: Pursuit
  14. Chapter 13: The Sly One
  15. Chapter 14: The Garden of Eden
  16. Chapter 15: Back to Earth

At the Earth's Core was followed by several sequels. Also included on Everything2 in its entirety is the first sequel, Pellucidar. Enjoy.

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