Tarzan of the Apes was a novel by Edger Rice Burroughs, the first of 24 Tarzan books written by Burroughs. The prose is dated, but the story is timeless. Many people have adapted this story to other media, including Hal Foster and Burne Hogarth. The best comics adaptations have been by Joe Kubert and Russ Manning. In films, Johnny Weismuller is fondly remembered, but the best Tarzan films are Tarzan's Greatest Adventure and Greystoke.

Tarzan of the Apes
Edgar Rice Burroughs


Chapter 1    Out to Sea
Chapter 2    The Savage Home
Chapter 3    Life and Death
Chapter 4    The Apes
Chapter 5    The White Ape
Chapter 6    Jungle Battles
Chapter 7    The Light of Knowledge
Chapter 8    The Tree-top Hunter
Chapter 9    Man and Man
Chapter 10 The Fear-Phantom
Chapter 11 "King of the Apes"
Chapter 12 Man's Reason
Chapter 13 His Own Kind
Chapter 14 At the Mercy of the Jungle
Chapter 15 The Forest God
Chapter 16 "Most Remarkable"
Chapter 17 Burials
Chapter 18 The Jungle Toll
Chapter 19 The Call of the Primitive
Chapter 20 Heredity
Chapter 21 The Village of Torture
Chapter 22 The Search Party
Chapter 23 Brother Men
Chapter 24 Lost Treasure
Chapter 25 The Outpost of the World
Chapter 26 The Height of Civilization
Chapter 27 The Giant Again
Chapter 28 Conclusion

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