MEST - Scientologist Terminology

MEST is an acronym coined by L. Ron Hubbard to define the physical universe. Drawn from the words Matter, Energy, Space and Time, it is frequently used in Scientology texts as an adjective to describe anything physical, so you may read of the "mest body" or "mest universe".

It is only through completely understanding MEST and one's relationship with it, that an individual can become "clear", according to Scientologists. Overcoming the restrictions of mest enables the true person, the "thetan" to gain strength and ability.

"The movement of matter or energy in time is the measure of space. All things are mest except theta."

"Absolute good and absolute evil do not exist in the mest universe."

Mest is a punk band from Chicago. They started with Tony, Steve, and Matt Lovato, cousins from the Blue Island section of the south side of Chicago started playing together at the age of seven. They borrowed their insturments from Tony's father; Tony and Steve playing guitar and singing and Matt playing bass. In high school, they met drummer Nick Gigler, who joined the band in the summer of 1995. Tony came up with the name Mest while looking at a case of "Milwaukee's Best" beer. Toward the end of 1997, the band was experiencing difficulties and decided to part ways with Steve Lovato. They continued as a three-piece band until January of 1998 when they recruited guitarist/friend-of-the-band Jeremiah Rangel

The group made their start playing in local Chicago punk clubs and made their own self-released debut album, Mo' Money, Mo' 40'z which they recorded in March of 1998 at "Starr Traxx Studios" in Crestwood, Illinois. Their first big break came when the band "Goldfinger" agreed to let Mest open for them, which led to a record deal with Maverick, and the production of their major label debut, Wasting Time, which was released in July 2000. A year later, Mest released their second album entitled Destination Unknown. Their song "I Melt with You" was also released on the soundtrack to the movie "Not Another Teen Movie".

Mest is:

  • Tony Lovato - guitar & vocals
  • Jeremiah Rangel - guitar & vocals
  • Matt Lovato - bass
  • Nick Gigler - drums


Mest (?), a.





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