McDonalds Pizza: Gone but not forgotten

That's right, McDonalds made pizza. It would seem that they discontinued it around 1997, when I was a mere lad; naturally, I loved the stuff. It's possible that it was just a localized phenomenon; /msg me if you have information regarding the whereabouts of said pizza. Substantial rewards offered.



Pizza traditionally occupied a small, hidden portion of the menu, just below the Happy Meals. Usually available were cheese, pepperoni, and supreme. They retailed around $2.89. No attempt was ever made to advertise them; they seemed like more of a test run, although they existed for at least two years.

Ordering Process

Walk up to the counter and ask for a cheese pizza. Typical response:

Employee: What? A pizza?
You: (patiently)Yes, a pizza. A cheese pizza.
Employee: I'm not sure we have pizza.
You: Yes, you do. Look right there. It's on the menu, there in the corner.

Usually, they'll get the manager, who informs them that McDonalds does, indeed, make pizza. They don't keep it on hand, though, so you'll be politely asked to take a seat for about five minutes, waiting for them to bring it over to you. The manager, in all probability, just goes back to the kitchen and makes it himself, since nobody will know how to. After some deliberation, it's delivered to you. If you're lucky, they even had cool McDonalds pizza boxes.

Presentation / Content

A McDonalds pizza defines the personal pizza. 5.75 inches across, it is cooked to an eerie McDonalds level of perfection, and is generally flawless to the eye. A moderately thin crust and generally somewhat fresh cheese make a meal fit for a king. Well, not a good king. Maybe some Albanian king like Zog.

Unreliable Outside Information

The "Food of the 80s" page informs me that McDonalds pizza got its start in the 1980s.

Betsumei says that McDonalds purchased a pizza company named Donatos in 1999, which certainly means something. Damned if anybody knows, though.

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