Matmos is the name a talented duo of electronic musicians from San Francisco. Drew Daniels and MC Schmidt have, for the past few years, been quietly putting out "electronic" music that challenges the preconceptions of what electronic music should be. By recording noises produced by such original sound sources as human skin, latex, cigarettes, and even the amplified sound of the firing of a synapse in crayfish nerve tissue, and layering real drums and melodies over them, Matmos have achieved a synthesis of organic and artificial elements in their music. Their distinctive and pleasing rhythms are part of what make them so unique. Albums include their most recent, "The West", "Quasi Objects", and a self titled LP.

Matmos, after 3 quiet years of doing what they do, seem finally poised to make a broader impact on the world; which isn't that suprising -- their move from Matador Europe to the full Matador Records stable (who seem to be working hard at supporting the gradual integration of IDM and indie rock); the release by Radiohead of a number 1 IDM/rock crossiver album in the US and UK; and the employment of the duo as Bjork-collaboratiors and live backing band suggest that their time has come. Though I for one don't expect them to stop releasing 1000-copy records... We shall see.


Late addendum: the name "Matmos" is taken from '60s camp sci-fi flick Barbarella (see also: Duran Duran) and was not (originally, anyway) an acronym. Though it is a clever idea...

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