Yi Syllables is the name of a range of characters in the Unicode character encoding standard. This write-up is a continuation from Yi Syllables.

The Yi syllabary is used to write the Yi language, a member of the Sino-Tibetan language family. The script is also known as Cuan or Wei.

Unicode's Yi Syllables code block reserves the 1168 code points from U+A000 to U+A48F, of which 1165 are currently assigned.

CJK Unified Ideographs <-- Yi Syllables --> Yi Radicals

All the characters in this code block were added in Unicode 3.0

All the characters in this code block are in general category Letter, Other Lo

All the characters in this code block are in bidirectional category Left To Right L

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The Unicode code for the character
  2. The character in question
  3. The Unicode name for the character

If the characters below show up poorly, or not at all, see Unicode Support for possible solutions.


Yi Syllables


U+A240Yi syllable mgut
U+A241Yi syllable mgux
U+A242Yi syllable mgu
U+A243Yi syllable mgup
U+A244Yi syllable mgurx
U+A245Yi syllable mgur
U+A246Yi syllable hxit
U+A247Yi syllable hxix
U+A248Yi syllable hxi
U+A249Yi syllable hxip
U+A24AYi syllable hxiet
U+A24BYi syllable hxiex
U+A24CYi syllable hxie
U+A24DYi syllable hxiep
U+A24EYi syllable hxat
U+A24FYi syllable hxax
U+A250Yi syllable hxa
U+A251Yi syllable hxap
U+A252Yi syllable hxuot
U+A253Yi syllable hxuox
U+A254Yi syllable hxuo
U+A255Yi syllable hxuop
U+A256Yi syllable hxot
U+A257Yi syllable hxox
U+A258Yi syllable hxo
U+A259Yi syllable hxop
U+A25AYi syllable hxex
U+A25BYi syllable hxe
U+A25CYi syllable hxep
U+A25DYi syllable ngiex
U+A25EYi syllable ngie
U+A25FYi syllable ngiep
U+A260Yi syllable ngat
U+A261Yi syllable ngax
U+A262Yi syllable nga
U+A263Yi syllable ngap
U+A264Yi syllable nguot
U+A265Yi syllable nguox
U+A266Yi syllable nguo
U+A267Yi syllable ngot
U+A268Yi syllable ngox
U+A269Yi syllable ngo
U+A26AYi syllable ngop
U+A26BYi syllable ngex
U+A26CYi syllable nge
U+A26DYi syllable ngep
U+A26EYi syllable hit
U+A26FYi syllable hiex
U+A270Yi syllable hie
U+A271Yi syllable hat
U+A272Yi syllable hax
U+A273Yi syllable ha
U+A274Yi syllable hap
U+A275Yi syllable huot
U+A276Yi syllable huox
U+A277Yi syllable huo
U+A278Yi syllable huop
U+A279Yi syllable hot
U+A27AYi syllable hox
U+A27BYi syllable ho
U+A27CYi syllable hop
U+A27DYi syllable hex
U+A27EYi syllable he
U+A27FYi syllable hep
U+A280Yi syllable wat
U+A281Yi syllable wax
U+A282Yi syllable wa
U+A283Yi syllable wap
U+A284Yi syllable wuox
U+A285Yi syllable wuo
U+A286Yi syllable wuop
U+A287Yi syllable wox
U+A288Yi syllable wo
U+A289Yi syllable wop
U+A28AYi syllable wex
U+A28BYi syllable we
U+A28CYi syllable wep
U+A28DYi syllable zit
U+A28EYi syllable zix
U+A28FYi syllable zi
U+A290Yi syllable zip
U+A291Yi syllable ziex
U+A292Yi syllable zie
U+A293Yi syllable ziep
U+A294Yi syllable zat
U+A295Yi syllable zax
U+A296Yi syllable za
U+A297Yi syllable zap
U+A298Yi syllable zuox
U+A299Yi syllable zuo
U+A29AYi syllable zuop
U+A29BYi syllable zot
U+A29CYi syllable zox
U+A29DYi syllable zo
U+A29EYi syllable zop
U+A29FYi syllable zex
U+A2A0Yi syllable ze
U+A2A1Yi syllable zep
U+A2A2Yi syllable zut
U+A2A3Yi syllable zux
U+A2A4Yi syllable zu
U+A2A5Yi syllable zup
U+A2A6Yi syllable zurx
U+A2A7Yi syllable zur
U+A2A8Yi syllable zyt
U+A2A9Yi syllable zyx
U+A2AAYi syllable zy
U+A2ABYi syllable zyp
U+A2ACYi syllable zyrx
U+A2ADYi syllable zyr
U+A2AEYi syllable cit
U+A2AFYi syllable cix
U+A2B0Yi syllable ci
U+A2B1Yi syllable cip
U+A2B2Yi syllable ciet
U+A2B3Yi syllable ciex
U+A2B4Yi syllable cie
U+A2B5Yi syllable ciep
U+A2B6Yi syllable cat
U+A2B7Yi syllable cax
U+A2B8Yi syllable ca
U+A2B9Yi syllable cap
U+A2BAYi syllable cuox
U+A2BBYi syllable cuo
U+A2BCYi syllable cuop
U+A2BDYi syllable cot
U+A2BEYi syllable cox
U+A2BFYi syllable co
U+A2C0Yi syllable cop
U+A2C1Yi syllable cex
U+A2C2Yi syllable ce
U+A2C3Yi syllable cep
U+A2C4Yi syllable cut
U+A2C5Yi syllable cux
U+A2C6Yi syllable cu
U+A2C7Yi syllable cup
U+A2C8Yi syllable curx
U+A2C9Yi syllable cur
U+A2CAYi syllable cyt
U+A2CBYi syllable cyx
U+A2CCYi syllable cy
U+A2CDYi syllable cyp
U+A2CEYi syllable cyrx
U+A2CFYi syllable cyr
U+A2D0Yi syllable zzit
U+A2D1Yi syllable zzix
U+A2D2Yi syllable zzi
U+A2D3Yi syllable zzip
U+A2D4Yi syllable zziet
U+A2D5Yi syllable zziex
U+A2D6Yi syllable zzie
U+A2D7Yi syllable zziep
U+A2D8Yi syllable zzat
U+A2D9Yi syllable zzax
U+A2DAYi syllable zza
U+A2DBYi syllable zzap
U+A2DCYi syllable zzox
U+A2DDYi syllable zzo
U+A2DEYi syllable zzop
U+A2DFYi syllable zzex
U+A2E0Yi syllable zze
U+A2E1Yi syllable zzep
U+A2E2Yi syllable zzux
U+A2E3Yi syllable zzu
U+A2E4Yi syllable zzup
U+A2E5Yi syllable zzurx
U+A2E6Yi syllable zzur
U+A2E7Yi syllable zzyt
U+A2E8Yi syllable zzyx
U+A2E9Yi syllable zzy
U+A2EAYi syllable zzyp
U+A2EBYi syllable zzyrx
U+A2ECYi syllable zzyr
U+A2EDYi syllable nzit
U+A2EEYi syllable nzix
U+A2EFYi syllable nzi
U+A2F0Yi syllable nzip
U+A2F1Yi syllable nziex
U+A2F2Yi syllable nzie
U+A2F3Yi syllable nziep
U+A2F4Yi syllable nzat
U+A2F5Yi syllable nzax
U+A2F6Yi syllable nza
U+A2F7Yi syllable nzap
U+A2F8Yi syllable nzuox
U+A2F9Yi syllable nzuo
U+A2FAYi syllable nzox
U+A2FBYi syllable nzop
U+A2FCYi syllable nzex
U+A2FDYi syllable nze
U+A2FEYi syllable nzux
U+A2FFYi syllable nzu
U+A300Yi syllable nzup
U+A301Yi syllable nzurx
U+A302Yi syllable nzur
U+A303Yi syllable nzyt
U+A304Yi syllable nzyx
U+A305Yi syllable nzy
U+A306Yi syllable nzyp
U+A307Yi syllable nzyrx
U+A308Yi syllable nzyr
U+A309Yi syllable sit
U+A30AYi syllable six
U+A30BYi syllable si
U+A30CYi syllable sip
U+A30DYi syllable siex
U+A30EYi syllable sie
U+A30FYi syllable siep
U+A310Yi syllable sat
U+A311Yi syllable sax
U+A312Yi syllable sa
U+A313Yi syllable sap
U+A314Yi syllable suox
U+A315Yi syllable suo
U+A316Yi syllable suop
U+A317Yi syllable sot
U+A318Yi syllable sox
U+A319Yi syllable so
U+A31AYi syllable sop
U+A31BYi syllable sex
U+A31CYi syllable se
U+A31DYi syllable sep
U+A31EYi syllable sut
U+A31FYi syllable sux
U+A320Yi syllable su
U+A321Yi syllable sup
U+A322Yi syllable surx
U+A323Yi syllable sur
U+A324Yi syllable syt
U+A325Yi syllable syx
U+A326Yi syllable sy
U+A327Yi syllable syp
U+A328Yi syllable syrx
U+A329Yi syllable syr
U+A32AYi syllable ssit
U+A32BYi syllable ssix
U+A32CYi syllable ssi
U+A32DYi syllable ssip
U+A32EYi syllable ssiex
U+A32FYi syllable ssie
U+A330Yi syllable ssiep
U+A331Yi syllable ssat
U+A332Yi syllable ssax
U+A333Yi syllable ssa
U+A334Yi syllable ssap
U+A335Yi syllable ssot
U+A336Yi syllable ssox
U+A337Yi syllable sso
U+A338Yi syllable ssop
U+A339Yi syllable ssex
U+A33AYi syllable sse
U+A33BYi syllable ssep
U+A33CYi syllable ssut
U+A33DYi syllable ssux
U+A33EYi syllable ssu
U+A33FYi syllable ssup
U+A340Yi syllable ssyt
U+A341Yi syllable ssyx
U+A342Yi syllable ssy
U+A343Yi syllable ssyp
U+A344Yi syllable ssyrx
U+A345Yi syllable ssyr
U+A346Yi syllable zhat
U+A347Yi syllable zhax
U+A348Yi syllable zha
U+A349Yi syllable zhap
U+A34AYi syllable zhuox
U+A34BYi syllable zhuo
U+A34CYi syllable zhuop
U+A34DYi syllable zhot
U+A34EYi syllable zhox
U+A34FYi syllable zho
U+A350Yi syllable zhop
U+A351Yi syllable zhet
U+A352Yi syllable zhex
U+A353Yi syllable zhe
U+A354Yi syllable zhep
U+A355Yi syllable zhut
U+A356Yi syllable zhux
U+A357Yi syllable zhu
U+A358Yi syllable zhup
U+A359Yi syllable zhurx
U+A35AYi syllable zhur
U+A35BYi syllable zhyt
U+A35CYi syllable zhyx
U+A35DYi syllable zhy
U+A35EYi syllable zhyp
U+A35FYi syllable zhyrx
U+A360Yi syllable zhyr
U+A361Yi syllable chat
U+A362Yi syllable chax
U+A363Yi syllable cha
U+A364Yi syllable chap
U+A365Yi syllable chuot
U+A366Yi syllable chuox
U+A367Yi syllable chuo
U+A368Yi syllable chuop
U+A369Yi syllable chot
U+A36AYi syllable chox
U+A36BYi syllable cho
U+A36CYi syllable chop
U+A36DYi syllable chet
U+A36EYi syllable chex
U+A36FYi syllable che
U+A370Yi syllable chep
U+A371Yi syllable chux
U+A372Yi syllable chu
U+A373Yi syllable chup
U+A374Yi syllable churx
U+A375Yi syllable chur
U+A376Yi syllable chyt
U+A377Yi syllable chyx
U+A378Yi syllable chy
U+A379Yi syllable chyp
U+A37AYi syllable chyrx
U+A37BYi syllable chyr
U+A37CYi syllable rrax
U+A37DYi syllable rra
U+A37EYi syllable rruox
U+A37FYi syllable rruo
U+A380Yi syllable rrot
U+A381Yi syllable rrox
U+A382Yi syllable rro
U+A383Yi syllable rrop
U+A384Yi syllable rret
U+A385Yi syllable rrex
U+A386Yi syllable rre
U+A387Yi syllable rrep
U+A388Yi syllable rrut
U+A389Yi syllable rrux
U+A38AYi syllable rru
U+A38BYi syllable rrup
U+A38CYi syllable rrurx
U+A38DYi syllable rrur
U+A38EYi syllable rryt
U+A38FYi syllable rryx
U+A390Yi syllable rry
U+A391Yi syllable rryp
U+A392Yi syllable rryrx
U+A393Yi syllable rryr
U+A394Yi syllable nrat
U+A395Yi syllable nrax
U+A396Yi syllable nra
U+A397Yi syllable nrap
U+A398Yi syllable nrox
U+A399Yi syllable nro
U+A39AYi syllable nrop
U+A39BYi syllable nret
U+A39CYi syllable nrex
U+A39DYi syllable nre
U+A39EYi syllable nrep
U+A39FYi syllable nrut
U+A3A0Yi syllable nrux
U+A3A1Yi syllable nru
U+A3A2Yi syllable nrup
U+A3A3Yi syllable nrurx
U+A3A4Yi syllable nrur
U+A3A5Yi syllable nryt
U+A3A6Yi syllable nryx
U+A3A7Yi syllable nry
U+A3A8Yi syllable nryp
U+A3A9Yi syllable nryrx
U+A3AAYi syllable nryr
U+A3ABYi syllable shat
U+A3ACYi syllable shax
U+A3ADYi syllable sha
U+A3AEYi syllable shap
U+A3AFYi syllable shuox
U+A3B0Yi syllable shuo
U+A3B1Yi syllable shuop
U+A3B2Yi syllable shot
U+A3B3Yi syllable shox
U+A3B4Yi syllable sho
U+A3B5Yi syllable shop
U+A3B6Yi syllable shet
U+A3B7Yi syllable shex
U+A3B8Yi syllable she
U+A3B9Yi syllable shep
U+A3BAYi syllable shut
U+A3BBYi syllable shux
U+A3BCYi syllable shu
U+A3BDYi syllable shup
U+A3BEYi syllable shurx
U+A3BFYi syllable shur
U+A3C0Yi syllable shyt
U+A3C1Yi syllable shyx
U+A3C2Yi syllable shy
U+A3C3Yi syllable shyp
U+A3C4Yi syllable shyrx
U+A3C5Yi syllable shyr
U+A3C6Yi syllable rat
U+A3C7Yi syllable rax
U+A3C8Yi syllable ra
U+A3C9Yi syllable rap
U+A3CAYi syllable ruox
U+A3CBYi syllable ruo
U+A3CCYi syllable ruop
U+A3CDYi syllable rot
U+A3CEYi syllable rox
U+A3CFYi syllable ro
U+A3D0Yi syllable rop
U+A3D1Yi syllable rex
U+A3D2Yi syllable re
U+A3D3Yi syllable rep
U+A3D4Yi syllable rut
U+A3D5Yi syllable rux
U+A3D6Yi syllable ru
U+A3D7Yi syllable rup
U+A3D8Yi syllable rurx
U+A3D9Yi syllable rur
U+A3DAYi syllable ryt
U+A3DBYi syllable ryx
U+A3DCYi syllable ry
U+A3DDYi syllable ryp
U+A3DEYi syllable ryrx
U+A3DFYi syllable ryr
U+A3E0Yi syllable jit
U+A3E1Yi syllable jix
U+A3E2Yi syllable ji
U+A3E3Yi syllable jip
U+A3E4Yi syllable jiet
U+A3E5Yi syllable jiex
U+A3E6Yi syllable jie
U+A3E7Yi syllable jiep
U+A3E8Yi syllable juot
U+A3E9Yi syllable juox
U+A3EAYi syllable juo
U+A3EBYi syllable juop
U+A3ECYi syllable jot
U+A3EDYi syllable jox
U+A3EEYi syllable jo
U+A3EFYi syllable jop
U+A3F0Yi syllable jut
U+A3F1Yi syllable jux
U+A3F2Yi syllable ju
U+A3F3Yi syllable jup
U+A3F4Yi syllable jurx
U+A3F5Yi syllable jur
U+A3F6Yi syllable jyt
U+A3F7Yi syllable jyx
U+A3F8Yi syllable jy
U+A3F9Yi syllable jyp
U+A3FAYi syllable jyrx
U+A3FBYi syllable jyr
U+A3FCYi syllable qit
U+A3FDYi syllable qix
U+A3FEYi syllable qi
U+A3FFYi syllable qip
U+A400Yi syllable qiet
U+A401Yi syllable qiex
U+A402Yi syllable qie
U+A403Yi syllable qiep
U+A404Yi syllable quot
U+A405Yi syllable quox
U+A406Yi syllable quo
U+A407Yi syllable quop
U+A408Yi syllable qot
U+A409Yi syllable qox
U+A40AYi syllable qo
U+A40BYi syllable qop
U+A40CYi syllable qut
U+A40DYi syllable qux
U+A40EYi syllable qu
U+A40FYi syllable qup
U+A410Yi syllable qurx
U+A411Yi syllable qur
U+A412Yi syllable qyt
U+A413Yi syllable qyx
U+A414Yi syllable qy
U+A415Yi syllable qyp
U+A416Yi syllable qyrx
U+A417Yi syllable qyr
U+A418Yi syllable jjit
U+A419Yi syllable jjix
U+A41AYi syllable jji
U+A41BYi syllable jjip
U+A41CYi syllable jjiet
U+A41DYi syllable jjiex
U+A41EYi syllable jjie
U+A41FYi syllable jjiep
U+A420Yi syllable jjuox
U+A421Yi syllable jjuo
U+A422Yi syllable jjuop
U+A423Yi syllable jjot
U+A424Yi syllable jjox
U+A425Yi syllable jjo
U+A426Yi syllable jjop
U+A427Yi syllable jjut
U+A428Yi syllable jjux
U+A429Yi syllable jju
U+A42AYi syllable jjup
U+A42BYi syllable jjurx
U+A42CYi syllable jjur
U+A42DYi syllable jjyt
U+A42EYi syllable jjyx
U+A42FYi syllable jjy
U+A430Yi syllable jjyp
U+A431Yi syllable njit
U+A432Yi syllable njix
U+A433Yi syllable nji
U+A434Yi syllable njip
U+A435Yi syllable njiet
U+A436Yi syllable njiex
U+A437Yi syllable njie
U+A438Yi syllable njiep
U+A439Yi syllable njuox
U+A43AYi syllable njuo
U+A43BYi syllable njot
U+A43CYi syllable njox
U+A43DYi syllable njo
U+A43EYi syllable njop
U+A43FYi syllable njux
U+A440Yi syllable nju
U+A441Yi syllable njup
U+A442Yi syllable njurx
U+A443Yi syllable njur
U+A444Yi syllable njyt
U+A445Yi syllable njyx
U+A446Yi syllable njy
U+A447Yi syllable njyp
U+A448Yi syllable njyrx
U+A449Yi syllable njyr
U+A44AYi syllable nyit
U+A44BYi syllable nyix
U+A44CYi syllable nyi
U+A44DYi syllable nyip
U+A44EYi syllable nyiet
U+A44FYi syllable nyiex
U+A450Yi syllable nyie
U+A451Yi syllable nyiep
U+A452Yi syllable nyuox
U+A453Yi syllable nyuo
U+A454Yi syllable nyuop
U+A455Yi syllable nyot
U+A456Yi syllable nyox
U+A457Yi syllable nyo
U+A458Yi syllable nyop
U+A459Yi syllable nyut
U+A45AYi syllable nyux
U+A45BYi syllable nyu
U+A45CYi syllable nyup
U+A45DYi syllable xit
U+A45EYi syllable xix
U+A45FYi syllable xi
U+A460Yi syllable xip
U+A461Yi syllable xiet
U+A462Yi syllable xiex
U+A463Yi syllable xie
U+A464Yi syllable xiep
U+A465Yi syllable xuox
U+A466Yi syllable xuo
U+A467Yi syllable xot
U+A468Yi syllable xox
U+A469Yi syllable xo
U+A46AYi syllable xop
U+A46BYi syllable xyt
U+A46CYi syllable xyx
U+A46DYi syllable xy
U+A46EYi syllable xyp
U+A46FYi syllable xyrx
U+A470Yi syllable xyr
U+A471Yi syllable yit
U+A472Yi syllable yix
U+A473Yi syllable yi
U+A474Yi syllable yip
U+A475Yi syllable yiet
U+A476Yi syllable yiex
U+A477Yi syllable yie
U+A478Yi syllable yiep
U+A479Yi syllable yuot
U+A47AYi syllable yuox
U+A47BYi syllable yuo
U+A47CYi syllable yuop
U+A47DYi syllable yot
U+A47EYi syllable yox
U+A47FYi syllable yo
U+A480Yi syllable yop
U+A481Yi syllable yut
U+A482Yi syllable yux
U+A483Yi syllable yu
U+A484Yi syllable yup
U+A485Yi syllable yurx
U+A486Yi syllable yur
U+A487Yi syllable yyt
U+A488Yi syllable yyx
U+A489Yi syllable yy
U+A48AYi syllable yyp
U+A48BYi syllable yyrx
U+A48CYi syllable yyr


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