Cut a block of cotton (firm) tofu into large triangles. Put the triangles in a plastic container and add to it:

  • A little extra virgin olive oil
  • A splash of Chinese cooking wine
  • A dollop of Chinese mustard
  • Minced garlic
  • Ground cumin powder
  • A little poultry seasoning
  • Paprika powder (for colour)
  • Minced jalapeno
  • Salt and Black pepper

Seal the container and give it a good shake to mix the spices and coat the tofu. Allow it to sit at room temperature or refrigerated for several hours before cooking.

Chop white or vidallia onions into bite-sized pieces. Caramelize the onions at a medium-high setting in a small amount of butter mixed with extra virgin olive oil. If you use a Teflon pan, you won't need much oil. When the onions turn a dark golden-brown, heat another pan to medium-high. Give the tofu a shake and tip all of it into the pan without adding oil. Cook the tofu, turning it often, only until most of the moisture has evaporated (about 10 minutes). You could bake the tofu for 15 to 20 minutes instead of cooking it in a pan, but it requires so little cooking time that it's barely worth preheating the oven.

Cover the bottom of a serving dish with the onions and arrange the tofu on top of them. Serve with potatoes, pasta, or rice and sautéed or steamed vegetables. You could also deglaze the pan to make a sauce to go with these.

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