I'm not really sure what I think. It's hard to say. I know he did a lot for this city, but he also trashed the financial district, didn't he? Before we worked out how to keep him away from the city. And what about him peeing in the river all the time? That's pretty disgusting. I guess I'll miss him in a way, but I'm kind of happy he's dead.

That's so typical of the patriarchy. “We're glad you're dead, Sleelak. Thanks for saving us from Raptharn and Meckagecko, but you crushed a bank. We can't have that in our modern world.” So fucking typical of a man. A living, sentient being is dead today, do you even understand that? A creature that was alive in the time of the druids has died. You make me sick, all of you.

I can understand her sorrow, and I was a big fan of the green guy, but it wasn't one bank he crushed, it was a block-wide trail of destruction stretching from the South Street Seaport to Locke Park. There were hundreds of people killed. Also, the damage to the water and electric lines cost seventeen million dollars to repair. In all fairness, we must allow that Raptharn and Meckagecko each might have cost the city more money if Sleelak had not been here to fight them off.

But why'd they come here in the first place, man? Who brought them here? You want to know why they were here, do ya? It was him. He called them. He called all the damn monsters to come out and play. And who called him? Come here, I ain't gonna shout it. You listening? Koreans. Koreans brought him to the USA. How the hell should I know why? Why do they do any of the things they do? Why do they eat dogs, huh? Don't tell me they don't eat dogs, I seen them on TV. In Shanghai they got a whole market full of cats and dogs. Do I look like I care where Shanghai is? Listen, those goddamn Koreans brought him here to bring us down, just like they tried to poison our pets with that rat poison in the food last year. Do I look like I care if it was China or Korea? God damn, kid. Your country is under attack and you want to argue with me about what language they speak?

Mmm-hmm. His problem is, he's worried about losing the last good job in this country. Thinks he might be forced down to the level the rest of us are living at. He's mad cause that old lizard flattened some white people's houses, made them look just like the Hill. You ever been to the Hill? No, I didn't think so. Nobody there making enough money for you to point a camera at them. Just a bunch of old black folks dying from drugs, from violence, from the cold. But an animal that isn't even warm-blooded dies in the white part of town, that's news, right?

I think he died for our sins.

I don't have time, I gotta get this Twitter out and get these pics on Flickr. I'm gonna get like fifty million friend requests after this!

Who's going to clean this up, that's what I want to know. I think it's disgraceful, leaving that corpse on the street like that. What do we pay our taxes for, if they don't even clean up the streets?

Sir, you and your crew are going to have to move to the other side of the street. CDC will be setting up a mobile lab here. No, I'm not authorized to respond to that. All I know is, off the record, the lizard is a possible vector. There's nothing to be worried about. Gas masks will be handed out at the FEMA relief station in the middle of the park. Hey, you! You can't park that piece of crap there! You're blocking the hydrant! Excuse me, sir. We're extremely busy.

Mommy said Sleelak was a monster, but I know he was a good guy. I have all of him, even the Aqua Escape Sleelak with Vortex Breath. I only don't have Radioactive Meckagecko. He's really hard to find. My friend Josh has him. He's awesome. Except he always loses, because Sleelak wins because he's the good guy. Have you seen my Mo​mmy? She was here a few minutes ago.

Sir, I already told you, you need to move your crew to the other side of the street. This area is now a CDC control zone under military jurisdiction. No, there's nothing to worry about. Just move your guys out of here.

What's that noise?

Is it an earthquake?

Sir, you need to move out of here NOW!

Oh, for shit's sake. It's another one.

Lizard attempting daylog as can't get in to the online network without key and hostess MP is asleep. Is 5:15 am and lizard awoke happily at 4:15, bright, cheery and ready to play. Introverted Thinker (IT) still asleep too, wants to sleep until 8 am. Lizard seriously crashed last night, out between 9:30 and 10, because arriving in LA and seeing MP for the first time in 10 years was so exciting.

Oh, there, I figured out wordwrap. Technology slowly yeilding to me. I still think that it is truly amazing that the up side of irresponsibly not finishing my clinic charts (mostly is billing that is not done, rest of it is in there) is that my laptop got configured to do remote network stuff and come with me. So far I can't connect to my work successfully but that does not make me unhappy at all. I might contact them & see if they can remote fix it by next Wednesday. Today Sunday. No hurry.

I am contemplating Zebra Rounds. Zebras being the allopathic term for really rare stuff. In medical school we are told to think of horses first and that the zebras don't come around much. However, apparently my clinic is really in Africa because I swear I have herds of the damn things. Would be fun if it didn't make me run an hour late and cancel people all the time. I'm sorry, but I think the Flying Spagetti Monster or (Higher Power of Your Choice) is making it clear that I am NOT supposed to see 18 people a day. We went to the 18 people a day slavery 5 weeks ago and since then I've averaged a zebra a day or at least one 3 days out of 4. Gotta count them. The general idea is that I would invite the other providers to join an email list and then anyone who identified a zebra could write about it. Would be fun. First I want to make a bet with myself on who will and who won't join the list. The truly yuppie docs find it nerve wracking when I say anything about medical intuition but since they want me back in the call group, they may suck it up. hee, hee, hee.

So anyhow (is this what a daylog is supposed to be? Words from the banderlog brain?) right before I left on Friday I said to Dr. M that I want a zebra visit scheduled in, ie a one hour visit. He said that we can't predict zebras. I said mebbe not, but I currently have a magnet and get one a day. BB said, "Like attracts like." and we all got the giggles. He said that he attracts depressed patients. Dr. M said he attracts ancient ones. But we all have the ancient ones. I've lost my head count on the over 100 ones, think it's at least 4, oldest 103. I want to be strong enough to ski in my 90s. We'll see. I really oughter take vit D but pills annoy me. A good statement from an allopath.

The Introverted Thinker was very funny yesterday. I slept in until 6 and then got up, drank tea, fed cats, showered, dressed, finished packing. Was 7. IT up. Ran out to get catfood, orchids at store now at 14.99 so bought another and stopped by clinic to get the PAPERs I need to finish the charts remotely. Paperless, ha, ha. Ran around house. Introverted Thinker had PLANNED for me to braid her hair before we left. Aunt P called, wished me happy birthday, and wanted to know if we were around in August. IT really annoyed, because now was after target time of leaving at 7:30, tapping foot. Hopped in car. Left approx 8:15.

Rain, rain, rain, whole hour and a half to airport. People not too insane on I5. IT and I discussed highway construction so that water drains off, hydroplaning and Why One Does Not Want To, and beautifying highways. Got to airport a bit late, around 10, slightly worried that spring break would mean it was a zoo. No one at our plane ticket desk except, thankfully, helpful employees. Security. IT's bag was searched. Dumb lizard mom had thrown in three baby yohgurt yoplaits as food and apparently those are liquid. Ooops. Messed up IT's careful packing. By now she was in tears. Hair still not braided. Hurried to gate D10. Oooops. Was B10. By now IT really crying, keening a bit, head hurting, needs bathroom, Mother Lizard saying Not The End of World if Miss Damn Plane. IT not consolable. Got to plane, was boarding, she got to go to bathroom and fill water bottle. On plane. Whew. Had done $15 business upgrade and got free drink and Drank It even though just 11:10 am. Braided IT's hair and she calmed down. Plane off to San Jose and full of small children, one behind us absolutely LOSING IT with terror. With parental permission I offered her conditional chocolate, can have if stop howling. She stopped pretty soon after that. Drank Jack Daniels. IT got out watercolor postcards and painted an Easter picture with eggs in grass for my birthday. She appologized nicely for losing it. Think maybe she's a judgemental, not perceptive? None of that go with the flow shit. Want To Plan. I do understand, since I'm the same way, but missing plane would mostly be pain in butt not end of world.

Got to San Jose, got to new gate and turns out upgrade gave us #s 1&2 so we got to be first 2 on airplane and pick our seats. IT cheered up. She reorganized my bags a couple of times. Wanted everything stowed, no plastic bags hanging off of luggage. We read the airplane shopping and circled lots of things that can't afford. Really want the 99$ swim goggles with built in underwater camera so can take pictures of Synchronized Swim Team under water. May actually spring for that.

LAX. Got bag, amazingly first off the machine. That 15$ was worth it. Got car, white PT Cruiser, since IT announced that we should get a light color because dark colors got hot more easily. Desert air. Followed good instructions to MP's 1929 fab apartment house. She is also a packrat, apartment decorated in Elegant Vintage Packrat with Elephant and Circus Theme since she was a actual girl who twirled on a rope in Barnum and Bailey a while ago. Adults hopped happily up and down after 9 year separation while IT endured the embarassment with resigned grace. Then driving and rubbernecking and down to pier for dinner at Mexican Resturant. Ceviche, mmmm. Trio of Hispanic Men with Guitars sang in Spanish and then happy birthday. Was comic but they were very good. Drove back trying not to fall asleep and fell in to bed at about 9:30, out like light. Adults, the lushes, had split a Whole Margarita, which is enough for the lizard, esp after Jack Daniels at 11 am.

So what a day. Today plans are for Joshua Tree after the IT is awakened at 8. She is wont to cry if I wake her late. Messes up her carefully planned schedule. Tonight we stay at a Hotel that MP says is fabulous. She will no doubt be right.

Dang. Is only 6:10 am. Ready for walk but might wait for sun as I am in a strange city.

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