Today in Hades (also the name of our newletter put out every other Friday), I began work on my next bestselling novel It was a Frame Job which will discuss how I (and others) are a victim of a "frame job" or "witch hunt" which is ill-advised. This bestselling novel will take its place on people's bookshelves along with my other bestselling novels, I Urinate so I don't Die, More About Urination and Long Life, and The Anals of History feauturing a section guest written by The Big Guy here in Hades which is called I Told Those Fuckers I'd Have them Dancing Around the Golden Calf Again Before the End Times, I Swear to God I Did. I am not sure what that is all about but I am not concerned. The Big Guy is my boss and I respect authority unlike the liberals.

Advance copies of my novel can be purchased for $3,000 American Gold Standard or non-refundable check for same amount. You will not regret it. Join with us. So much winning.

My friends...

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