Now that I did not know, thanks Webster 1913.

Malate is also a district just beside the red light district of Ermita in Manila Philippines. And to /me it is home.

Being near the red light district, Malate has more than its fair share of tourist spots and attractions. Mostly bars and drinking places. We got everything from tame and ordinary beer and finger food places, to gay bars, to theme places that last exactly three months before they become passe.

The mix of the crowd that came here used to be varied and plentiful but since the nature of these places is to be trendy and new, the crowd has long since moved to other places by now.

Still, Malate has its charm, and if ever around Manila .ph be sure to pass by and have a drink with /me. /Msg me if you are around. If you come around.

Places to see would be the old Malate Church, the Aristocrat restaurant, sunset at Manila Bay, and well /me's house. Malate is near the bay, about 10 minutes walk from my place and that fact actually has got something to do with the name supposedly. In Tagalog maalat == salty, so well being near the sea I guess this place had salty water or something. Anyway, Webster's definition up there seems to confirm this.

Oh yeah, if you need anything, it can be arranged. Drugs, girls, guns, boys, anything, just let me know.

Ma"late (?), n. [L. malum apple: cf. F. malate. See Malic.] Chem.

A salt of malic acid.


© Webster 1913.

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