Scottish singer, most famous for her vocal performances on several of Mike Oldfield's albums. The bell-like vocals on Oldfield's "Moonlight Shadow" and "To France" are Reilly. Has recorded several solo albums as well, and done vocals for Jack Bruce, Smokie, George Harrison and other bands. Probably her most "out of character" partnership has been with Andrew Eldritch, when she performed background vocals on the Sisters of Mercy's "Vision Thing" album.

Discography (solo albums only):

  • Echoes (1992)
  • Midnight Sun (1993)
  • Elena (1996)
  • M.R. All the Mixes (1996)
  • Elena/Limited Edition (1997)
  • There and Back Again, Best of... (1998)
  • Starcrossed (2000)

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