Jean-Luc Godard's 1966 film. Ostensibly about a woman (Anna Karina) trying to find out who killed her boyfriend, it's a highly complicated film about politics, pop culture, the 60s, and art. Marianne Faithfull sings "As Tears Go By" in it. Some say it's just an ordinary mystery story with Anna Karina playing the Bogart-type detective. Others say it's about the Americanization of France. James Monaco has said that if the film can be understood, then it's failed. Well how?

A 1988 film by Ken Friedman, starring Adrian Pasdar and Christopher Penn (brother of Sean Penn) as disgruntled residents of a town being consumed by a coal mine fire. They steal a car and go on a cross-country trek to California, meeting up with a hitchhiker (Lori Singer) along the way.

The first fifteen minutes of the film have footage of Centralia, Pennsylvania, the town with the mine fire that has been burning the past 40 or so years.

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