MacWorld Expo conducts 4 shows per year, approximately 3 months apart from each other in Paris, Tokyo, San Fransico, and Boston. These four events mark the typical release dates of new products from Apple, though some releases have occured at WWDC, or other such events. MacWorld Expo provides a showroom effect for thousands of vendors, and generally promotes the Macintosh cause by allowing software and hardware developers a chance to meet with a large populace of Macintosh users.

MacWorld 2001 is being held July 17-20 in the New York City Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.
The exhibit floor will have over 200 different exhibitors, including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and (surprisingly) Microsoft. The conference is traditionally where Apple announces their new products and updates for operating systems and software, as well as one of the best places to go to learn about Mac products and technologies. Most of the workshops offered are taught by the developers and product managers who helped create the product, so they know and will teach even clueless newbies about all the secret ins and outs of the latest technologies.
This year's big excitement is over OS X, Apple's new quasi-UNIX based operating system, as well as the new flatscreen monitors, the TiBook, and the new iBook.
New Products introduced include:
3 new models of iMac:
500 MHz with 20 GB hard drive, 128 MB RAM, and CD-RW for $999
600 MHz with 40 GB hard drive, 256 MB RAM and CD-RW for $1299
700 MHz with 60 GB hard drive, 256 MB RAM and CD-RW $1499

"QuickSilver" G4 Towers:
733 MHz, 40 GB hard drive, 3 drive bays, CD-RW $1699,
867 MHz, 60 GB hard drive, "SuperDrive"$2499
Dual 800MHz (with 12 GigaFlops, dual cache) 80 GB hard drive, 3 drive bays, "SuperDrive" $3499

LCD Monitors:
3 Active-matrix LCD, powered from computers, one cable (22", 17", 15")($2499, $999, $599)

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