A MUDlib is a MUD "library" which contains common inheritables, objects, monsters, and rooms. It lays the framework for a MUD derived from the LPMUD line.

While difficult to create and maintain, doing both of these things can lend someone a high degree of respect and satisfaction.

Three common MUDlibs are DiscWorld, Lima, and TMI-2.

Another MUDlib which used to be very common until its creator removed it from active distribution is the Nightmare MUDlib. Developed primarily by George Reese, also known as Descartes of Borg, the Nightmare mudlib was mainly a copy of the code being used for his MUD of the same name. This MUDlib began development in September of 1992.

The Nightmare MUDlib was created to run under MudOS and uses much from the TMI-2 MUDlib. It contains much that is erratic and confusing, but it also boasts one of the most complete documentation systems. This made it relatively easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of LPC to start their own MUD. Descartes included complete instructions on how to compile the driver, what was necessary for the new admin to configure to get his MUD started, and what needed to be done to make the MUD functional. It also listed help files (similar to the UNIX man utility) on the various functions and concepts executed in the MUDlib to help an inexperienced coder understand their use.

The most common distribution of the Nightmare MUDlib is version 3.2. Although the Nightmare MUD remains under development, George Reese decided to rescind his permission for other people to use his MUDlib as a base for their MUDs. He released instead into the public domain a significantly pared-down version of the lib called Dead Souls. Later, he developed a very basic MUDlib, intended only to provide the environment in which to create a MUD without including anything directly relevant to game mechanics. This release, called the Foundation MUDlib, allowed more advanced coders to create their own MUD without having to first deconstruct the game mechanics of Nightmare (or even provide any mechanics at all). This library was released in the fall of 1994.

Later, George decided to recode his MUDlib, utilizing a better security system and significantly cleaning up the code. In the process of doing this, he created the Foundation II MUDlib which he subsequently released in May of 1995. This MUDlib provides the base upon which Nightmare IV was built, and is the most recent MUDlib built by George Reese available to the public. However, George no longer provides support for this MUDlib, and recommends that someone looking to build a LPMud use one of the supported MUDlibs available, specifically Lima.

According to the rec.games.mud.lp FAQ (also created by George Reese), the following MUDlibs are currently available:

The above MUDlibs can be downloaded from ftp.imaginary.com.

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