TMI-2 is an old MUDlib for use with the MudOS flavor of the LPMUD line. It has been discarded in favour of better MUDlibs, such as Lima. It is also riddled with bugs, and, in general, is not technologically advanced.

Despite all of this, it is still widely used.

TMI-2 is short for The MUD Institute 2. The MUD Institute was founded to create a new driver and MUDlib for aspiring creators of new LPMuds. It also existed to provide a forum for support and training of new creators. TMI-2, the second incarnation of TMI, was founded in February of 1992. Its major contribution to the LPC world is the MudOS driver. Of course, the TMI-2 MUDlib was also created, which became the basis for the Nightmare MUDlib, developed by George Reese. The physical TMI-2 server no longer exists, but the MUDlib is available on

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