Foundation II is a MUDlib written by George Reese. Released on May 15, 1995, it forms the base of the Nightmare IV MUDlib (which is no longer available to the public).

Foundation II is somewhat unique in that it does not make any assumptions as to the purpose to which it will be put. Since MUDs have always been designed to be games, almost all MUDlibs have included certain functionality in their objects that are suited primarily for games. By stripping these from the MUDlib, George accomplished two goals. First, he made it feasible that an LPC environment could easily be used for any purpose. There was no need to attempt to deconstruct an existing library to adjust it for your needs. Simply add the functionality you desire to this extremely basic MUDlib. Second, he created an environment where an experienced LPC coder could work on building his own MUDlib to fit his desires for the game, again without having to worry about ripping out existing code.

Unfortunately, by the time the Foundation II MUDlib was released, the world of MUDs was beginning its decline. Most new implementors wanted a MUD they could bring up quickly and easily, so they chose a more developed MUDlib like Lima. Additionally, George stated that he would not actively support the Foundation II MUDlib, as it was not intended for an inexperienced programmer. As a result, there are not many active implementations of Foundation II, with the exception of Nightmare IV, which was built by George Reese himself.

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