Acronym for the "Ted Mao Scale of Siblic Identicality", "a logarithmic scale from 0 to 10 that describes the similarity between siblings." Such a rating is called an MSIR (MSI rating). It can be broken down into sub-scales of MSIRP (physical similarity) and MSIRB (behavioral similarity).

Excerpt of description of the siblings Ted, Eric, Brian Mao:

MSIRP = 9.990, MSIRB = 9.93, MSIR = 9.96

Identical triplets where two of the three embryos were extracted from the mother's womb, frozen, then each released a few years apart. Physical appearances are identical except for slight age differences. There are greater acquired behavioral differences than normal triplets because they grew up a few years apart. Only other differences: eyesight (Eric: +200/+200; Brian: +550/+500; Ted: +200/-1000), number of girlfriends had, and what kind of engineering they study/will study.

The home page of the MSI Consortium is at

Acronym for the Microsoft Software Installer. First included in Windows 2000, it is an installer which uses Microsoft's RestorePT.API to create 'restore' points. This means that the System Restore utility in Windows ME/2000/XP can perform rollback on MSI installed packages.

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