A villain published by Marvel Comics. MODOK first appeared in Tales of Suspense #94.

During World War II, Baron von Strucker created a villainous group called HYDRA bent on world domination. To supply HYDRA with the tools necessary to function, von Strucker gathered a group of amoral scientists and organized them into a subgroup of HYDRA called AIM, Advanced Idea Mechanics. AIM functioned as a part of HYDRA for many years, but after the majority of HYDRA was beaten back by the likes of Captain America and Nick Fury, AIM split off and sought their own way.

AIM under the direction of their Supreme Scientist, who rotates in and out based upon dangerous internal politics, has created a number of amazing weapons including the Super-Adaptoid and the Cosmic Cube. They also are responsible for the creation of a killing machine that lead the group for many years. That is the villain MODOK.

MODOK stands for Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing. The creature began as a member of AIM who was subjected to the experiments and operations to implant cybernetics into him, eventually turning him into a giant head with a stunted body that could only move by flying around in a hover chair. MODOK gained increased intelligence and psionic powers, like firing bolts of mental energy that could rend steel. Ultimately, he is a harsh warning to missing a scheduled staff meeting in AIM.

Enraged by his now freakish appearance, MODOK killed the Supreme Scientist and took control of AIM. He lead in an attempt to take over the world on numerous ocassions but was opposed by Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, and others, as well as the fact that all of the other AIM members wore bright yellow jumpsuits and bee-keeper-like headgear that heroes, villains, and the general populace found very hard to take seriously. MODOK was also responsible for turning Betty Banner into the Harpy.

Eventually, the other members of AIM ousted MODOK who wandered as a free agent for a time. The new Supreme Scientist of AIM decided to eliminate MODOK as a threat and hired the newly organized group of villains with snake names called the Serpent Society to kill MODOK. They trapped MODOK and killed him despite the intervention of Captain America. MODOK's body was regained by AIM and used by the Supreme Scientist to battle Iron Man by remote control, but was ultimately defeated and destroyed.

A few years ago, another villain similar to MODOK appeared on the scene. It was called MODAM and was a female version of MODOK. MODAM stands for Mobile Organism Designed for Aggressive Maneuvers and was only distinguishable from the MODOK by the fact it wore lipstick.

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