A hero published by Marvel Comics. Darkhawk first appeared in Darkhawk #1.

Marvel Comics went through a gritty, dark phase in the early 1990's and one of the heroes to rise from this editorial policy was Darkhawk. Darkhawk was teenager Chris Powell, son of a New York police officer. Believing that his fatheer was taking bribes, Chris followed his father to an abandoned amusement park one night. Chris discovered within the amusement park's fun house an amulet that when he concentrated transformed him into Darkhawk. Chris used the powers and abilities he possessed in this form to fight evil and defend the helpless. Darkhawk often times clashed with Phillipe Bazin, a crimelord who his father was believed to have been taking money from. It was later revealed that Chris's father was not on the take and he was cleared.

Darkhawk fought along side such heroes as Spider-Man and the New Warriors against such foes as the Hobgoblin and Steel Hawk. Eventually, Chris discovered that Darkhawk was actually an android and that the amulet allowed him to shift his consciousness into the android and bring it from another dimension, while his body was put into that dimension for safe keeping. For a time both, the android body and his real body were both on Earth each possessing Chris's mind.

Darkhawk's powers and origin had the feel of something that was generated from a random generator for a role-playing game. Character had the ability to rapidly heal, possessed wings for gliding, shot a force ray out of its chest, was incredibly strong, and had some cable/claw deal that he could shoot from his wrist. The character as a whole came off as a bad attempt to be dark and edgy with a good dose of violence, in an attempt to plug into the whole Wolverine/Dark Knight/Hero-on-the-edge phase of the early 1990s.

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