If a 'goblin (hob) waylays you,
Slice him up before he slays you.
Nothing makes you look a slob
Like running from a hob'lin (gob).

--The Roguelet's ABC

The Hobgoblin
First appearance: (As Roderick Kingsley) Spectacular Spider-Man #43; (As Hobgoblin) Amazing Spider-Man #238

Powers and Abilities: The Hobgoblin posesses super human strength and advanced Goblin weaponry including a "Goblin-Glider" and explosive "Pumpkin-Bombs", "Goblin-Grenades", & razor sharp "Throwing Bats."
The Hobbgoblin also has 10,000 volt charged gloves he uses in hand to hand combat.

Origin: The original Hobgoblin has haunted Spider-Man since Peter Parker and Aunt May were allmost hit by a car leaving a robbery.

As Spider-Man, Peter catches the thugs, except one who fled into the sewer. The thug later stumbled upon a secret hideout belonging to Norman Osborn, The Green Goblin.

He then tried to sell the location of the Goblin base, only to be later killed by the buyer, who then became...The Hobgoblin (Green Goblin costume with a new color scheme).

The Hobgoblin sets off to destroy Spider-Man, only to be defeated due to his inexperience. Somt time later Hobgoblin gained super strength from the original Goblin chemicals.

The Hobgoblin was later apparently defeated when in Berlin Ned Leeds was murdered and revealed to have been the Hobgoblin. This was not the case as Leeds had only been hypnotized and used by Roderick Kingsley who in fact was the Hobgoblin (but this had not yet been revealed - ainĀ“t continuity complicated?).

Jason Macendale, the Jack O' Lantern (another Spider Man villian), then donned the garb of the Hobgoblin (updating his second rate villan status at the same time).

After a battle as Macendale was being escorted to prison he was murdered by the original Hobgoblin, somehow mysteriously back from the dead.

Then after assassinating some industrialist guy, Spider-Man defeated Hobby and he was finally revealed to be Roderick Kingsley and that he had all the time been hypnotically controlling Ned Leeds (for undisclosed reasons). Kingsley was held at the Iron Rock penitentiary, until he learned of Norman Osborn's recent return.

Kingsley was then sprung from jail by Osborne (the original Green Goblin). After a fight involoving Osborn, Kingsley, another (hero) Green Goblin and Spider-Man, Kingsley fled to the island of Isla Suerte. This appears to be the end of the Hobgoblin, but only time will tell.

Hob"gob`lin (?), n. [See 2d Hob, and Goblin.]

A frightful goblin; an imp; a bugaboo; also, a name formerly given to the household spirit, Robin Goodfellow.



© Webster 1913.

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