MDR stands for multidrug resistance. Proteins which confer multidrug resistance are often endogenous culprits that inhibit the successful decrease/destruction of cancer cells. The major multidrug resistance protein is P-gp, or P-glycoprotein. It is encoded by the gene mdr1. High amounts of P-gp confer drug resistance by acting as an ATP-driven efflux pump. By reducing the amount of P-gp expressed, chemotherapy effectiveness increases. It is hypothesized that P-gp's normal function is to toss non-toxic molecules across the cell membrane as well as acting as an inducer for a Chloride pump.

mdr is a French Internet Acronym that stands for mort de rire or in English, death by laughing. It's the equivalent of rofl or lol in English. Likewise, you'd use it the same way.

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