pkoi is a French Internet Acronym or rather a shorthand standing for pourquoi, which means 'why?' in English.


    In 1995 at a LARP in Montreal:
    Lord Blizzard aperçoit un goblin dans son territoire.
    Lord Blizzard (my brother who was 10 at the time) notices a goblin in his territory.

    Lord_Blizzard fesse le goblin avec son épée à deux mains: deux! deux! deux!
    Lord_Blizzard hits the goblin with his two-handed sword: two! two! two!

    Goblin: pkoi tu m'as fait mal? pkoi?
    Why did you hurt me? Why?

    Lord_Blizzard: Tagueule mon estie! deux! deux! deux!
    Shuddup you bastard! two! two! two!

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