I've had my headphones on for at least two hours now with out any music playing. I don't always do this on purpose. Sometimes I put my headphones on with absolute intention of dragging over an mp3 ... but often, I get distracted by the phone, my e-mail, cold coffee, E2 ... and I just sit there with them on my head.

Sometimes, though, this is a great advantage. This is very helpful for looking like you are deep in thought or jamming to your music (fake head-bobbing is acceptable) while you are actually eaves-dropping on the conversation next to you. This is also a very good thing to remember when you see that co-worker walking towards you -- the one who always asks you the same questions, week after week. You can get away with staring intently at whatever is on your monitor, even if its a new background you just downloaded, and they will likely feel uncomfortable interrupting both whatever you are staring at, AND your music (that you are nodding your head to, right?) ... and they will hopefully walk away.

I know, I know. You already do this. In fact, one of you out there has probably done this to me ...

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