Unbelievably eccentric New York City bus line. Whereas most bus routes in Manhattan run north-south or crosstown, the M16 pursues an erratic zig-zag across the island. Its run starts at 42nd street and 9th avenue, travels downtown on 9th, turns left on 34th street, continues down 34th street (where it runs in tandem with the M34 crosstown bus) to 2nd avenue, turns right on 2nd, proceeds downtown to 23rd street, turns left, and follows 23rd to the east river waterside. At least is doesn't double back on itself, but it wouldn't surprise me if it did.

When coming from the waterside, the bus goes uptown on 1st avenue, crosstown on 34th street, uptown on 8th avenue, hangs a left on 43rd street and terminates on 43rd and 9th.

Why someone would want to go directly from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to the waterside is completely beyond me - apart from an underused boardwalk and the reminder that brooklyn is waaaaay over there, waterside's pretty barren.

The freaky thing is this bus goes directly from my job to two blocks from my home without a transfer. That doesn't normally happen in Manhattan. It is MY bus.

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