Part of a disturbing trend in reality programming, bang bus is an Internet porn site that creates weekly “episodes”.

The basic plot to each episode is that a few cheeky “hosts” drive around in a bus until they find someone who they can lure in, disrobe, have sex with, and degrade in as many ways as possible. The final touch is that they leave them stranded on the side of the road.

Of course, its fake, however, it does seem pretty real, and most of the hour-long episodes is taken up with them convincing the poor victim to go along with the plan, which is kinda sick, and pretty boring. And also, while im not the most porno savvy, the sex does seem to be less arousing erotic then usual, even for porn.

It wouldn’t be worth noting, except I think reality television is going to run out of things it can do to B level celebrities pretty soon, and this is the logical next step. Maybe not on network TV, but on Showtime, or something. And once the porn reality programming possibilities have been worn out, the only thing left is to start killing people roman gladiator style.

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