Do to come to nodermeet of the summer 2009 it should you grasp in Japan. I similar to the company of noders whose other things are good, enjoying the change of vision and sound, very verify thing! I so am stimulated in order to enjoy with you.
- Welcome note brought to you by Babelfish.


June 14th-19th.



The Schedule:

Saturday (13th - Tokyo):
Friends arrive. Drop things at hotels, settle in. Drink sake. Expect jet lag.

Sunday (14th - Tokyo):
First full day in Tokyo.

Monday (15th - Tokyo):
Second full day in Tokyo.

Tuesday (16th - Tokyo):
Third full day in Tokyo. In the evening, hop a sleeper bus to Kyoto.

Wednesday (17th - Kyoto):
Drop bags at the guesthouse. If we can't check in right then, perhaps it's a good time for an onsen run.

Thursday (18th - Nara/Osaka):
Take a short train ride to Nara or Osaka; to be discussed. Sleeper bus again back to Tokyo.

Friday (19th - Tokyo):
Arrive back in Tokyo in the morning. Friends depart.

Not coming, but potentially receiving sushi in the mail:

  • wordnerd says As for me I could come to your assembly, but I as for another ones until you say, desire the fact that it is at last permitted in my itself country without. (Fuck you, Babelfish. Fuck you in the eye socket).
  • Heisenberg says With me now back in the UK, the practicality of making a stopover in Nippon is unfortunately gone.
  • bewilderbeast says I can't come, alas. But the idea is rad.
  • Apatrix says, via Babelfish, "I ask the permission humble for my helplessness which attends your excellent collection of the colleague who is respected."
  • izubachi will be in Macedonia.
  • Dimview is confident she will win the lottery, but isn't confident it will happen in the next year.
  • hapax can't make it, but will suffer 18 hours of jet lag in our honor.

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