Es war einmal, suedlich den Grasplantagen von Mittelerde, wo Elben, Zwerge, Menschen und Orks friedlich miteinander lebten.

Once upon a time, south of the Grass plantations of Middle-Earth, there lived the Elves, Dwarves, Men and Orcs, all in harmony.

Weil sie boese abhaengig waren, schmiedten sie Weed-Ringe die den Traeger immer mit THC versorgten und ihm ein breites, grinsendes Leben verschafften...

Because they were seriously addicted, they forged the Weed Rings, which would always supply the wearer with THC and provided him with a happy and stoned life. But the evil orc-king Sauron went too far, created a gigantic bong and went ahead to smoke thousands of tons of weed. Once the weed had become scarce, the human-king went to Sauron and told him: "I'm gonna whup your ass".

So begins the story of "The Lord of the Weed - Sinnlos in Mittelerde". This "effort" by the Bloodpack Entertainment Group is an attempt to resynchronize the Lord of the Rings motion picture with a new voice and soundtrack. "BPK" consists of a group of German students, who after seeing the movie thought they could do better. Lord of the Weed, or LOTW for short is the culmination of their efforts. LOTW has gained something of a cult following among Germany's youth (or at least those with computers and/or internet connections). The 20-minute-long clip came out a few months ago and due to it's massive popularity is soon to spawn a sequel.

This parody is basically most of the first 20 minutes of the first LOTR movie, with 2-3 different people speaking for Frodo, Gandalf, Bilbo and others. The synchronization is done moderately well, even though it is amateurish at best. Still, it almost seems logical that Frodo is gay and Bilbo teaches children how to make crack in his spare time. Also, many parts of the clip also have new soundtracks ranging from Dimmu Borgir to Daddy DJ and the Baywatch theme. Now here are some of the more notable changes in the original story:

  • Mount Doom is now a giant bong
  • Orks now burp instead of growl or roar
  • The first battle scene is now a helicopter flyby
  • Gandalf loves Techno and is a pothead
  • Frodo is gay and likes bondage
  • Bilbo is a dealer
  • Bilbo's birthday party has become a popular German Metal festival

You can currently find LOTW on the Internet and now recently at German LAN Partys. Even for someone who is not fluent in German and especially German slang, the clip can prove to be funny enough with its hilarious sound effects and switched soundtrack. Of course, you will probably gain the most from it if you have lived in Germany for some time and do not mind drug references, threat of violence, racial insensitivity, sexism and simple potty-humor. Because then, LOTW is funny as hell.

Bloodpacks Website is:
Or search for "Lord of the Weed" on your P2P network of choice.

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