Looney Labs is a game company headed by Kristin and Andrew Looney and Alison Frane. They specialize in small, unique games with a good sense of humor, bonuses for players with long hair, excellent portability (no bulky boards or big boxes) and minimalist, quirky artwork. Among their games are:

The listed games are the most well-known, but there are some other smaller efforts such as "Are You A Werewolf?" based on the classic Mafia. Looney Labs also sells games by other small companies through their online store Contagious Dreams.

Looney Labs is also a progressive company; they re-use packing peanuts donated by members of the community for just that purpose, and they support gay rights, legalization of marijuana, and the Green party. All this is part of their corporate philosophy. Whether or not you agree with their ideas, I highly recommend their games.

The people responsible for Looney Labs also produce a weekly webzine called The Wunderland Weekly News, with information about Looney Labs and the exploits of its members, and many other goodies such as haiku movie reviews, definitions of cool words, and links to interesting web sites. There is also a somewhat trippy web comic called Iceland, which "stars a bunch of talking pyramids and a broccoli." The broccoli's name is Tirade.

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