A pyramid stash is a collection of 15 pyramids for playing Icehouse games. The pyramids are in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The pyramids have square bases.

Stashes often have other properties as well. They can be stackable and nestable. To be stackable means that any pyramid can be put on top of another pyramid, facing point-upwards, and it will not fall off. To be nestable means that the pyramids, when stacked large over medium over small, will sit such that they have an even bottom surface.

The pyramid stashes made by Looney Labs, which are the most common stashes, are both stackable and nestable. The standard stashes are made of colored plastic (mostly translucent), and the giant pyramid stashes are made of cardboard. The standard colors are red, green, yellow, and blue, but other colors can also be found.

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