Live365 - Radio Revolution

Live365 is a free service that provides servers for folks who want to broadcast their own MP3 streams from their desktop without having to have the bandwidth to allow others to listen. The maximum number of listeners that a Live365 station provides is 365 (imagine that).

By using their software, LiveCast, a person can broadcast streams for 28K, 33.6K, 56K or T1/Cable/DSL/ISDN listeners (16Kbps, 24Kbps, 32Kbps and 56Kbps respectively). If you use Winamp and the ShoutCast DSP Plugin, you can broadcast at any bitrate you so choose.

Currently Live365 has around 10x the number of stations as it does listeners (17,213 stations, 1,124 listeners as of right now).

Visit Live365 at

Shameless plug: I have an infrequent radio station broadcast at

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