She is but a kitten, spawned by the devil and born of a now deceased & homeless calico mother.

Little Beef is calico.. with large hind legs that make her look like a jacked up truck. She was given to me from a very lovely earthy couple. They nursed her and her brothers and sisters back to health after their mother was ran over. The runt died. :( I was supposed to get the runt, but instead was given Little Beef.

They REALLY wanted ME to have this cat.. and I found out why when I got her home. She was 12 weeks old.. and is addicted to chewing on human flesh. I knew that she was a handful, but man... this cat is Satan's spawn..

She even knows how to mope. She is more like a human than a cat.. can even cuddle after rampaging herself tired. It's weird. She likes to sleep with people too and can purr like no tomorrow.

Now living with my brother and his cats (his cat and my OTHER cat), Little Beef takes turn tormenting each cat, goes to my brother and chews on him.. then back to the other cats. I still love Little Beef though, even though we were cohabitatively incompatible.

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