Born on February 10th, 1971 in San Bernardino, California, Lisa Marie Varon wanted to be a doctor when she was young. She later became an aerobics instructor and participated in fitness competitions for about 4 years, winning various accolades.

She was very close to fellow fitness competitor Torrie Wilson, who was making waves as a valet in the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling. She attended a WCW show and got hooked on the business of professional wrestling.

Starting out in the Southern California based promotion Ultmate Professional Wrestling (UPW), Lisa Marie learned the ropes of the business and set her heart on becoming a part of the biggest pro wrestling promotion in the world, World Wrestling Entertainment.

Her persistance paid off when she received a call from the WWE in mid-2000, asking her to play the role of a "Ho", accompanying the Godfather (veteran wrestler Charles Wright's very popular pimp gimmick) in his matches. Along with fellow UPW "vixen" Frosty Moore, they became an integral part of the "Right to Censor" storyline.

The Godfather was put in a match where his "career" was on the line. He subsequently lost and by doing so, renounced his "hos". Lisa Marie and Frosty then began a "Save the Hos" campaign, which ended in the now renamed "Good"-father plowing the very courageous (though untrained) Lisa Marie through a wooden table, which knocked her unconcious.

Despite being hospitalised, the two "hos" remained unperturbed and continued their caimpaign for another three months, till they were found showering with the very talented Eddie Guerrero, leading to them being demolished by a very angry and mortified girlfriend in the form of Joanie Laurer aka Chyna. This marked the end of the "hos" storyline.

However, the WWE had bigger plans for Lisa Marie, especially since her table "bump" at the hands of the Goodfather impressed everyone backstage. She was sent to feeder federation Ohio Valley Wrestling for over a year to train and hone her skills, before making her big debut in July 2002 as Victoria!

There seems to be a bright future ahead for this talented athlete.

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