Lin Biao

Lin Biao replaced Peng De-huai as Defense Minster after Peng pissed off Mao by criticizing the Great Leap Forward in 1959. He instituted heavy political indoctrination for PLA soldiers, mobile guerilla tactics, and unquestioning loyalty to Mao Ze-dong. He abolished ranks in 1964 in preparation for GPCR. Made Mao’s heir apparent after GPCR, Biao apparently attempted a coup and was "found dead" in plane crash over Mongolia in 1971.

The official version of these events states that after Biao attempted to flee China in fear of the escalating Cultural Revolution. After a firefight into and through the airport, Biao boarded a plane and forced the pilot to take off before finishing refueling. As a result, the plane went down over Mongolia on its way to the USSR.

The alternate version is based on information supposedly leaked from China since Deng Xiao-ping's reforms. This version claims (and please, don't take this as fact. When dealing with Chinese intrigues, there are no such things) that Biao had attempted at least 2 assassinations of Mao. Biao and his conspirators were forming their last-ditch plan, which pretty much boiled down to starting a war with the Soviet Union, creating a diversion that would allow a Chinese bomber to fly over Mao's house unnoticed. (OK, whatever, Biao)

This war never materialized. Tipped off by Biao's doughtier -- who loved her Chairman Mao like any good Chinese Communist -- Mao moved to disrupt Biao's plan with typical Chinese grace... he invited him over for dinner. While Zhou En-lai and their wives watched, the two men who had been like father and son ate and talked like old friends. They both knew what was up. After dinner, they said good by and wished each other good health. Then Biao got in his car and drove down the mountain.

About a mile from Mao's house, a squad of PLA soldiers were waiting with 4 60mm rockets and 2 80mm rockets. The blast was so intense that not only was the car destroyed, but several soldiers lost their lives in the close quarters on the mountain side.

The story about the plane crash was only disinformation, according to this theory. The body may, in fact, have been Biao's son. The "truth" will likely never be known, but the moral of the story is clear:


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