Last part of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics.

Sydney 2000 Lighting of the Torch

A choir sung a wonderful piece of music, adding to the atmosphere. To celebrate 100 years of female participation in the Olympics, the torch passing was all done by female athletes.

The last person, the person with the honour of Lighting the Cauldron was Cathy Freeman. She walked up the stage, slowly, with dignity. Water began pouring down the steps and submerging a section of the stage. It cascaded down majestically. Cathy walked to the submerged stage and stood in the middle of it.

She bent down and it looked like she was lighting the water. Flames burst out all around Cathy, surrounding her with fire.

A structure like a saucer with a hole rose up out of the water, with flames bursting out of it.

It went up the handrail of the stairs up to the very top of the Stadium. A pole rose up out of the top and connected with the saucer, then rising high in the sky.

Fire and Water, combined.

Thunderous applause, which could be heard at the very edge of Sydney rose up, and it was done.

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