Life In the Slaw Lane is a classic comedy song, one of the favorites on the Dr. Demento show. Written by frequent punster Kip Adotta, this song is reputed to have set the record for most puns in a single sentence (in a song) for the following line:

After dressing, I stopped over to the grain station. (Okay, THIS following line:) I got there just in lime(1) to catch the nine e-lemon(2) as it plowed(3) toward the core(4) of Appleton(5), a lentle(6) more than a melon(7)-and-a-half yeast(8) of Cloveland(9).

The song Life In the Slaw Lane appears on the album Life In the Slaw Lane (Rhino Records).

This song's puns do not mesh nearly as well with the original terms as those in Wet Dream, which is certainly the best-known Kip Adotta song. The story of the song centers around the narrator's concern for his brother Arti's relationship with his woman, Peaches (a soiled, but radishing beauty with huge gourds).

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