George Washington Hayduke is a fictional character created by Edward Abbey in his novel The monkey wrench gang, and brought back again in Hayduke Lives.
Hayduke, a former Green Beret medic in Viet Nam whose love affair with explosives, beer, and the American Southwest is almost as great as his hatred for the developers who are ruining his deserts.
It is said by some that Ol' George and his exploits are the rock upon which the eco-anarchist group Earth First has laid its foundation.
Hayduke has one credo "Always pull up survey stakes", and whether he is disabling earth moving equiptment or planning the destruction of the Glenn Canyon dam he lives by those words.

The character of Hayduke in Edward Abbey's books is reportedly based on the real-life environmental warrior Doug Peacock. Peacock's life is no less fascinating than that of George Washington Hayduke. Peacock returned from The Vietnam War and discovered that he both couldn't and didn't want to re-enter society so he withdrew to the wilderness, where bears became his closest allies and teachers. Later, Peacock did return to society, to become one of the Grizzly Bear's greatest advocates. Doug deserves to, and will soon (as soon as I get back from lunch) have his own writeup, as he is a dynamic and interesting person.

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