An album of the rap/hip-hop genre by artist MC Chris (Chris Ward). Best known for MC Chris' relatively high-pitched voice. Mostly known only because a song ("Fett's Vette") was featured in the episode "All That Jazz" of the cartoon Sealab 2021. The album is a mix of spoken-word comedy sketches in the form of (hopefully fake) messages on MC Chris's answering machine, and hilarious rap songs covering topics such as Star Wars and Robitussin. It can be found (at the moment, anyway) in MP3 format at MC Chris's website,

The album cover is black, with a grey drawing of Boba Fett's head. Above the drawing are the words "life's a bitch and i'm her pimp", all in lowercase. Below the drawing are the words "mc chris", larger, and again all lowercase. Below that the song titles are listed in a much smaller font size.

Album tracks:

1. harry potter
2. dq blizzard
3. robotussin / the tussin
4. pop punk is dead
5. fuckin' up my christmas
5. engine
6. fett's vette
7. bench warmer

Yes, the track number 5 is repeated. I can try to explain that. The number of MP3's available for download on is only five. However, many of the songs on the album (such as "pop punk is dead" and "bench warmer") are clearly identifiable as being parts of the MP3's of other songs ("the tussin" and "fett's vette", respectively). The second track 5 is apparently part of "fuckin' up my christmas".

The entire album clocks in at only 16:51. As far as I know, it has never been released on any record label, and is not available in stores. The only place I know of to obtain a copy is, where it can be legitimately downloaded, as it was graciously placed there by the artist himself. Thanks MC Chris!

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