My backpack's got jets. I'm Boba the Fett.
I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt to finance my 'Vette.
I chill in deep space, a mask is over my face.
I deliver the prize but I still narrow my eyes
Cuz my time I don't like to waste. Get down.

Coming it at a bit less than 3 and a half minutes, the MC Chris1 masterpiece Fett's Vette comes off his first album, Life's a Bitch and I'm Her Pimp. This track probably did more for his career as a nerdcore hip-hop artist than anything else. Many people first discovered MC Chris due to this song playing at the end of the Sealab 2021 episode "All that Jazz". The episode itself features MC Chris as a mega-star rapper playing a concert in China, with most of the Sealab crew attending. The show, as usual for Sealab, devolves into complete madness, and is probably one of the strangest and best known episodes of the show. The final bit of the show is live action, showing a meeting between executives for a cola company (a drink known as Bebop Cola featured heavily in the episode) and an ad company. The ad company reps (one of them played by Chris Ward) offer the preceding episode as a suitable new ad campaign, which is roundly rejected by the executives. At which point, of course, everyone starts dancing to Fett's Vette.

The song itself is about the woes of Boba Fett, who has been taking bounty hunting work not for personal satisfaction or the ladies, but because he needs the money to pay for repairs on his Vette, and "credit's no good / when the Jawas run the shop in your neighborhood". Much of the song is devoted to random (though well done) Star Wars/Boba Fett references, as well as describing the powers, abilities, and generally badassery of Boba Fett. There are a couple of places where apparently Chris had problems getting a line right, the most noticeable being "Think you can cook? I got a grappling hook", which in ordinary circumstances would sound really bizarre, but then again this is a song about Boba Fett needing to fix his car.

Sales of shirts combining the phrase from the chorus, "my backpack's got jets" with a crudely drawn image of a jetpack have probably scored MC Chris as much bling as his CD sales have. This is his major nerdcore work, with references to Star Wars (obviously), Star Trek, Aliens, Back to the Future, Tron, and Colt 45 malt liquor. It's catchy, it's quick, and it's probably his most well-known song, with nearly 100 known remixes, and appearing in at least one music video, which featured dozens of players of the Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG dancing, fighting, and driving in synchronization with the song; including, of course, a character dressed in the signature Mandalorian armor2.

As of the time of this writeup, you can download the entire song in MP3 format from

1: Chris Ward prefers the capitalization "mc chris" to "MC Chris", but for purposed of readability I have decided to capitalize 'normally' in this writeup.

2: I don't play the game, but apparently the Mandalorian armor that Boba Fett wears is stupid rare in the game, and in the opinion of some people I know who play it, odds that anyone actually managed to acquire a full set is very small. The best guess is that someone working for the game company did someone working on the video a big favor, and loaned it for a while.

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