"Well, you just need to find something to fill the void that's left in your life. Lois has her knitting, Chris has his videogames, Meg's learning how to drive. And me? I like the sauce. Hey, barkeep! Who's leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?"

In short, he's just your average, almost-always-falling into a mid-life crisis, extremely well educated, yet also alcoholic, well ...animated dog. He plays the family dog on Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy, but of course, he also can talk.

He has an extreme love of classical music and opera and is an avid reader. He seems to always be trying to fill a void in his life, and it is largely for this reason that he is the most realistic of the Family Guy characters, which is just that much more ironically amusing for him being a talking canine. Brian started out life as the only talking pup in a litter birthed by his mother (duh), Biscuit, on a farm in Austin, Texas. Feeling abandoned, he ended up on the mean streets, meeting Peter Griffin after trying to wash his windshield at a stop with some old newspaper. Luckily for Brian, Peter overcame his embarassment and invited the weathered pooch home to dinner. In most shows Brian is portrayed as Peter's sidekick and his voice of reason.

Brian has undergone far too many difficult and typically human problems in his short 7-year doggy life...
  • He has been convicted of a DUI and sentenced to community service with an ornery old woman that he later thinks much better of.
  • At one point Brian just can't control his lust for his less-talkative dog-mates, and ends up having sex with Peter's father-in-law's prize-winning pooch. When she turns up pregnant Brian hopes to find fulfillment as a father but is barred from ever seeing them by her owner. Good thing the puppies turn out to have been fathered by Ted Turner.
  • Brian often sees a shrink, especially after a bout of uncontrollable urination. Could it be a problem from his childhood? I don't know, what do you think it might be from? Tell me about your mother...
  • His life as a K9 for the Quahog police department soon spiraled into cocaine addiction, and he ended up in rehab by the end of the show. That's really all that can top the fact that he fell in love with his master's wife, Lois, as far as I'm concerned.
  • Again searching for meaning in his life, Brian leaves the family and heads out to Hollywood to make it as a screenwriter. When success eludes him and he gets fed up with being a waiter, Brian turns to porn-directing. Though this life also leaves him wanting and back with the family, it isn't before he's honored with the much-sought-after 'Woody' award from the adult-film community.


Thanks, Servo5678, for reminding me of his age and origin.


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