It was around 1978/1979, and Leo Sayer was performing at the Sun City Superbowl, Bophutatswana, South Africa on the back of his 'Male Artist of 1978' Brit Award.

He was having dinner in the reasonably upper class Calabash restaurant, when he spied an apparently extremely attractive young lady sitting alone at a table not too far away from him.

Being Leo Sayer, he got up and went over, introducing himself to the lady as "Leo. The guy who sings?" and pulled back the chair opposite her to sit down. The lady seemed quite amused, and indicated that he should sit, smiling all the time to herself.

Leo was on excellent form, apparently, flirting outrageously and promising diamonds and pearls. He offered her a holiday and champagne. He offered her a ride through London in his limousine. Finally, he asked her to go upstairs to his suite, where they could relax together in his jacuzzi.

The lady thought this through quite thoroughly before replying that it would be her pleasure, as long as her husband could come as well. Mr. Sayer jumped out of his chair, and looked behind him to find quite a burly man with a slightly perplexed grin on his face.

"I'm sorry," said my dad to Leo, "but I didn't bring my swimming costume. Should we just go naked?"

Leo made some excuse about broken plumbing, and fled.

Which is why my parents are giving each other Leo Sayer albums for their 30th anniversary...

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