Adam Faith came to fame in 1957 with Skiffle group the Worried Men, who played London's famous 2 i's coffee bar and appeared on 6-5 Special. After his first two solo singles on HMV failed, Faith briefly united with Freddy Lloyd as Terry And Freddy, before joining BBC TV's Drumbeat. Once 'Ah! Poor Little Baby' (1959) on Top Rank narrowly missed the hit parade, he signed with Parlophone for the Buddy Holly-influenced 'What Do You Want' (1959) and started his unprecedeted run of seven successive Top 5 singles. Similar to many of the other diminutive star's hits, it was penned by Johnny Worth and arranged by John Barry- two other Drumbeat regulars.

By the early 60s, Faith had starred in a handful of movies and scored 14 consecutive Top 20 entries with original songs (a rarity at the time). His hits included 'Poor Me' (1960)- the title of his first autobiography- 'Someone Else's Baby' (1960) and 'Made You'. His distinctive voice and striking loks made him one of the most popular British teen idols in the pre-Beatles era.

He stayed active in show business: managing Leo Sayer, appearing in more movies and top-rated British series like Budgie and Love Hurts, as well as making a name for himself as an astute financial advisor.

He died on Saturday 8th of March from a heart attack, aged 62. He was staying at a hotel in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, where he was starring in the Regent Theatre's Love and Marriage.

Source: Acts Of Faith

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