Major Arcana

0: The Fool -- Percivale
1: The Magician -- Merlin
2: The Priestess -- Nimue
3: The Empress -- Guenevere
4: The Emperor -- Arthur
5: The Hierophant -- Taliesin
6: The Lovers -- Gareth & Lyones
7: The Chariot -- Battle of Mount Badon
8: Strength -- Percivale's Vision
9: The Hermit -- Lancelot in Exile
10: The Wheel of Fortune -- Arthur's Dream
11: Justice -- Lady of the Lake
12: The Hanged Man -- Castle Perilous
13: Death -- Gwyn ab Nudd & the Wild Hunt
14: Temperance -- The Cauldron of Annwn
15: The Horned One -- Cernunnos
16: The Tower -- Vortigern's Fortress
17: The Star -- The Fire Drake
18: The Moon -- Morgan le Fay
19: The Sun -- Lleu
20: Judgement -- Avalon
21: The Universe -- The Giant's Dance

Minor Arcana


Ace of Spears: The Grail Lance
Two of Spears: Bedivere & Kay
Three of Spears: The Horse Fair
Four of Spears: La Cote Male Tail & Maledisant
Five of Spears: Pursuit of Igraine
Six of Spears: The Return of Ambrosius
Seven of Spears: Arch of Twelve Kings
Eight of Spears: The White Hart
Nine of Spears: Wild Harps of War
Ten of Spears: The Green Knight
Page of Spears: The Hare
Knight of Spears: Bedivere
Queen of Spears: Dindrane
King of Spears: King Pellinore


Ace of Swords: Sword of Strange Hangings
Two of Swords: The Knight of Two Swords
Three of Swords: Palomides
Four of Swords: Isolt of the White Hands
Five of Swords: Gawain's Penance
Six of Swords: The Eachtra
Seven of Swords: The Sword in the Stone
Eight of Swords: Guenevere at the Stake
Nine of Swords: Lily Maid of Astolat
Ten of Swords: Camlann
Page of Swords: The Adder
Knight of Swords: Gawain
Queen of Swords: Morgause
King of Swords: Mordred


Ace of Cups: The Holy Grail
Two of Cups: Tristram & Isolt
Three of Cups: The Dressing of the Sacred Spring
Four of Cups: The Fading Fellowship
Five of Cups: Lancelot & Elaine
Six of Cups: In Ector's Keeping
Seven of Cups: The Questing Beast
Eight of Cups: Chapel Perilous
Nine of Cups: The Healing of the Maimed King
Ten of Cups: Corbenic
Page of Cups: The Salmon
Knight of Cups: Galahad
Queen of Cups: Britannia
King of Cups: The Fisher King


Ace of Shields: Evalach's Shield
Two of Shields: Castle Pendragon
Three of Shields: The Homespun Tunic
Four of Shields: King Mark
Five of Shields: The Wasteland
Six of Shields: Castle of Maidens
Seven of Shields: Castle of Wonders
Eight of Shields: Wayland
Nine of Shields: Ragnell
Ten of Shields: Camelot
Page of Shields: The Badger
Knight of Shields: Bors
Queen of Shields: Igraine
King of Shields: Uther

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