Igraine, Ygraine, Ygerna, Eigyr

In the Arthurian legends, Igraine was the mother of King Arthur. Igraine was married to a certain Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall. As the story goes, Uther Pendragon, king of the Britons, fell in love with Igraine, but the virtuous beauty refused all his amorous advances. Finally, Uther turned to the wizard Merlin for aid. Merlin cast a spell which made Uther appear to be Gorlois, and under this guise Uther was able to win entry to Igrain's bedchamber in Gorlois castle at Tintagel, whereupon they promptly conceived Arthur. At that very moment, Gorlois was being killed in a battle with Uther's forces at another castle. Upon hearing the news, Uther immediately took Igrain as his new wife and queen. Athur was born about nine months later, but was secretly taken away by Merlin to live under the foster care of Sir Ector, and Igrain never found out that King Arthur was her son until several decades later, when she was an old woman. Before Arthur, Igrain had borne Gorlois three daughters - Arthur's half-sisters Morgan le Fay, Morgause, and Elaine. All three would later become Queens, with Morgan le Fay marrying King Uriens, Morgause marrying King Lot of Orkney, and Elaine marrying King Nentres of Garlot. Upon Uther's death, Igrain entered a nunnery where she lived out the rest of her days.

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