Where the slow river
meets the tide,
a red swan lifts red wings
and darker beak,
and underneath the purple down
of his soft breast
uncurls his coral feet.

Through the deep purple
of the dying heat
of sun and mist,
the level ray of sun-beam
has caressed
the lily with dark breast,
and flecked with richer gold
its golden crest.

Where the slow lifting
of the tide,
floats into the river
and slowly drifts
among the reeds,
and lifts the yellow flags,
he floats
where tide and river meet.

Ah kingly kiss --
no more regret
nor old deep memories
to mar the bliss;
where the low sedge is thick,
the gold day-lily
outspreads and rests
beneath soft fluttering
of red swan wings
and the warm quivering
of the red swan's breast.

- H.D.

Leda was the queen of King Tyndarus of Sparta. One night she slept with both her husband and with Zeus in the form of a giant swan.

It kind of makes you wonder -- who got the sloppy seconds? If it was Zeus, well, that's just wrong; Zeus shouldn't have to put up with that. If it was Tyndarus, wasn't Zeus enough for her? Swan or not, you would think that after sex with a god, you'd want to rest a while.

Leda's two sets of twin children were born from two eggs: the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux, and Helen and Clytemnestra. Castor was the mortal son of King Tyndarus, and Pollux was Zeus's son. Helen and Clytemnestra were born from the second egg. Some believed that Castor and Pollux were both immortal, and that the female twins were the mortal daughters of Tyndarus.

LEDA also stands for Lycaeum Entheogenic Database, certainly the biggest substances database in the world.

It can be reached at leda.lycaeum.org.
Leda is also the smallest moon of Jupiter*.
Mass..........................6 x 1015 kg
Mean Radius...................5 km
Mean Distance from Jupiter....11,000,000 km
Orbital period................238 days
Gravity relative to Earth ....2.364
Leda was discovered by C. Kowal in 1974

*Naturally, when talking about the smallest member of a set who's membership is defined by size, definitions become contraversial.

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