This is the newest release of the LaTeX macro for TeX. It stands for Lamport TeX 2e ! Unfortunatly LaTeX broke backwards compatability with TeX, a crime for which some old TeXhAcKs have not yet forgiven Leslie Lamport.

Well thats a war for someone else. LaTeX2e supports the documentclass format and depreciates the documentstyle. This allows for easy integration of LaTeX macro package using the command


Packages that I use are:

  • ifthen, i don't know how to use this, but i have it anyway
  • %figure and graphic packages
    • epsfig
    • psfig
    • epic
    • eepic
    • graphicx
    • epsf
    • fancyhdr
    • fancybox
  • % symbols
    • times ,of course
    • latexsym
    • amstex
    • amssymb
    • amsmath
    • newcent
    • helvet
    • palatino
    • oldgerm ,a very cool font
  • % tabular enviornments & extensions
  • % paragraph shapes % which are: diamondpar,squarepar,heartpar,shapepar\nutshape{
  • colour
feynmf will help you draw Feynman diagrams. I don't have e need for these currently.

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