There is really no way to overcome a kleptomaniac.

Their incessant need to pilfer items overpowers their conscience. It seems that if you live with a person who develops this once thought rare condition, there is really no way to retrieve lost items without creating controversy. Although, there is one way to feel some sort of relief, but there is a cost. You might end up joining the klepto in their struggle to obtain meaningless articles.

You must be crafty with what you take.

Do not merely rescue those items already taken, for then you are feeding the maniacs need to duck and run with more items.

Go for the heart!

Think about the one item that means the most to your klepto. Do not let your anger take control. Be calm and level headed. When you attempt to obtain their precious keepsake remember you are working with a professional.

If they attempt to confront you then and only then are you able to make your case for those lost items. It is your duty to bring that klepto down!

Klep`to*ma"ni*ac (?), n.

A person affected with kleptomania.


© Webster 1913.

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