In more detail, it looks like a bus station from one side and an affluent museum on the other. Voted a pineapple in on the student council, and has myriad levels in which to get lost in. The uni mascot is a papier-mache lion called Reggie in pillarbox red, which is worrying. Not as worrying as the London School of Economics college paper.

King's College is an all male residential college at the University of Queensland, St Lucia campus in Brisbane, Australia.

Opened on 14 June 1913 the college, originally located on Kangaroo Point close to the Brisbane river, had already had students in residence since March of 1913. The college was established as an initiative of the Methodist Church, later becoming affiliated with the Uniting Church. Reduced enrolments due to World War I almost saw King's amalgamated with (future neighbours) Emmanuel College. The College was transferred to St Lucia in 1954, where it is still located on university campus grounds, set right on the banks of the Brisbane river.

This quote by Master Emeritus Dr Ian Grimmett encompasses the vision and purpose of King's College:

"The real story of the College for any succeeding generation will be the story of their experience of it, not the story of years which were past before their lives began.... Yet there is a larger story, the presentation of the continuing character of the College.... of objectives reached by careful planning and devoted work shared in by many people over the increasing space of years, of the general significance of the College for the Church, the University and the people of our land."

Well known across the university for their many traditions and crazy antics Kingsmen are fiercely competitive against rival colleges in sporting, academic and social arenas. Accompanying the ongoing achievements of Kingsmen is their strong character and identity, which has its foundations in the shared friendship and mischief of the collegians. This spirit is carried on from previous generations of Kingsmen and imparted early on in a new Kingsmen's stay. The King's mascot is the Wyvern, whose name is often used to give voice to college spirit with the call of "All hail the great Wyvern!". The college motto is 'Veritas Vos Liberabit'.

Information taken from the King's College Handbook and personal experience.

King's College is a Jesuit university located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

King's was founded in 1946 by the congregation of Holy Cross from the University of Notre Dame.

The college is smaller than most and the campus encompasses only 33 acres.

There are 2200 full time students with median SAT scores of 950-1150.

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