Kemistry was half of the dynamic, DJ duo Kemistry and Storm. Aside from their mixing and turntablism, the duo's claim to fame was being the only prominent female DJs in the jungle, breakbeat, and drum n bass sets. The duo were also a pioneering force in the genre for nearly a decade. It was Kemistry, in fact, who gave Goldie his first gig as a DJ in 1992.

Kemistry's real name was Kemi Olusanya. Before she turned to music she was a make-up artist in the London fashion industry. After being assimilated by the whole dnb culture both Kemi, along with Storm and Goldie, founded Metalheadz in 1994. Since its inception as a record label and weekly club, Metalheadz has been the preeminent dnb organization, home to artists such as Grooverider, Peshay, and Photek. Kemi eventually left Metalheadz and returned to live DJing in 1997.

Sadly, after two records and touring the globe with Storm, Kemi was killed in a car accident on April 25, 1999, outside of Winchester, England. They were driving back from a performance in Southhampton on the M3 when a van kicked up a 4.5kg plastic and metal road reflector. It punctured the windshield of Storm's (Jane Conneely) Volkswagen Golf GTI she was riding in and fractured her jaw, killing her instantly.

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