Name: Kaze No Klonoa: Moonlight Museum
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Bandai
Year: 1999 (May 20, 1999)
Platform: Bandai WonderSwan
Genre: Platformer
Regions of Release: Japan
Players: One Player
Rarity: Very difficult to find new, very difficult second-hand

Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight Museum is a video game for the handheld console made by Bandai, called the Wonderswan. It is the second game in the Klonoa series, and like the original, KnK:MM is a platformer, with puzzle elements.

Released for the original monochrome version of the WonderSwan, Moonlight Museum features both vertically and horizontally-aligned levels (one of the features of the WonderSwan was it's rotatable play setup, by holding it portrait or landscape), and keeps the charm of the original game. Comes on an 8MBit cartridge with 64K of SRAM, and features stereo sound.

KnK:MM is similar to the Game Boy Advance version of Klonoa (called Klonoa: Empire of Dreams), in that you collect stars to complete stages. The task of collecting stars is made more difficult with the inclusion of locked doors, which require keys to be opened. It seems that the GBA game was heavily based on the WonderSwan version.

A special edition box set including both a Wonderswan and this game was released in Japan; the console was never released in the Western market, so the game wasn't made available in the US or Europe.

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